Introduction to Marketing Halal-Certified Components and Products

Introduction to Marketing Halal-Certified Components and Products

On-line course - 6 hours

Available starting September 2018

Marketing your halal products to Muslim-majority markets can be challenging, as most consumers nowadays expect their favourite brands to address the values they are identified with: ethical, healthy, contemporary, authenticity, etc.

Several vectors can influence the decision on the marketing and branding of our products: it is not the same to sell in Malaysia or in Turkey.  The type of consumers and their expectations vary greatly in the different regions of the Islamic World. Also, age-groups, family-type, income-group and other factors might also have to be considered when designing the campaigns.


  1. Muslim-majority markets. (2 hours)
    1. Introduction to the Islamic Economy principles and business ethics
    2. Muslim-majority markets in figures
    3. Halal-certification requirements
    4. Diversity
    5. Segmentation (ethnicity, religion, income, halal-certification awareness)
  2. Products. (2 hours)
    1. Industrial
      1. Halal-certification, integration in Quality Management System
      2. Halal B2B platforms
    2. End-consumer
      1. Packaging, branding, social responsibility, advertising
      2. Halal B2C apps
    3. Halal requirements, supply chain and traceability
  3. Case studies. (1 hour)
    1. Ingredients & Raw Materials
    2. Food & Beverages
    3. Cosmetics & Natural Beauty Products
  4. Latest trends (1 hour)
    1. Eco-halal
    2. Healthy lifestyle
    3. Universal
    4. Labelling & Communication

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